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Episode 6 : 2000..2009 - Monorails

Financial overview 2002


Whooow, the new trains did do a very good job, over 20 million dollars.
However, don't forget the inflation: a dollar from today is less worth then one from 20 years ago.

Still many old trains

Trains getting old

During the time we were working on the construction of the new monorails, we got a lot of messages about "trains getting old".
They have all to be replaced by the new monorail types. That means that also the rails itself and the stations must be replaced. We will continue with all the trains from and to Dinsoft where we have our office.

We got a subsidy


February 14 we started with our work around Dinsoft. First all trains returned to their depots, then new station, the new railroad and finally the new trains. As soon as there is a part ready where a train can start then we put one in operation. End of April we got a subsidy for an already existing train, thanks a lot for this, we always need some extra money.

Now very good transport ratings

Dinsoft Woods

July 8, the Dinsoft Woods station is replaced together with all the connecting lines. The new trains are now running and our transport ratings are up to 91%. This is very good
End of October all work at Dinsoft is ready, except the railroad for the transport of the printed goods. For this we have to replace the whole line up to Tenington Woods station.

Again an UFO


November we got a message about a landed UFO near Tenington Woods. Now we go to do something different then before, we go to place two trains on the UFO position. These trains will protect the rails. December 15, the UFO was destroyed. The trains and rails were still good.

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