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Episode 6 : 2000..2009 - Monorails

Financial overview 2001


Now the new monorail trains start to make money.
The income increase was again about one million dollars.
Also our Bank Balance is increasing.
Now we earn more then we can spend on construction and new trains.

Stupid road construction


Begin of March we found a problem with train 3. Just on the moment that the new monorail depot was built, some stupid people from Carfingly made a new road. The connection rails between the depot and the rails could not be built. We had first to remove the road and the make the depot to rail connection. Now it is good.

Ledinghattan accepts mail

Holiday Village

Our small holiday village in the mountains did grow, but not yet accept any mail. Begin of the year we constructed again some buildings and now, March 11 we got the message that Ledinghattan now accepts mail. They have now a population of 267.

Very large farm


The next step in replacing the old rails with the monorail is from Dinfingway Farm Starfingfield Food Processing Plant. This plant has two station, one is already replaced, new we go to do the other one.
November 26 the job is done. A new wheat train, a new Live-Stock train and a passenger + food train. A separate food train goes direct to Tindhall station.

Full station

Senfingly to Slunningpool

Just before the end of December we changed the railroad from Senfingly to Slunningpool. Senfingly has still a three-platform station, but now only one platform is used for the passenger and mail train to Slunningpool. There are a terrible lot of passengers waiting on the station of Senfingly.

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