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Episode 5 : 1990..1999 - Consolidation 2

Financial overview 1998


The printed goods transport is not yet finished and the year is already over. We have first to finish the transport of the printed goods. We start with making a free platform on the Dinsoft station by deviation the train from Dinsoft to Wrefingbourne. Now this train goes from Wrefingbourne to Gadtown.

Details of train 69

Printed Goods

February 26, the railroad is made, the new train in operation and waiting on the platform to be fully loaded with the printed goods. In the mean time we made a passenger service between the two railroad stations in New Pronfingley. Now the people can go by bus to their work at the printing works. On April 22 the train is loaded and leaves for our office in Dinsoft.

Earning of almost $50,000

Dinsoft Railroad Station

May 10 the train arrives at Dinsoft Railroad Station. The earning is almost $50,000. At the same moment there are two other trains arriving. The good train seems to make the most money, but it depends also how many times the train makes earns money. We can see the total at the end of the year.

Offer for a subsidy


June 1999 we got an offer for a subsidy. The involved village is Paninghall. A few years ago we were not allowed to build anything here. We gave them some new buildings and a lot of trees, but even now they want more. After we planted again a lot of trees we are allowed to build the railroad station.

Paninghall Station

Paninghall to Teddingville

August 13 the railroad from Paninghall to Teddingville is constructed and the first train leaves the train depot. There are already 200 passengers waiting on the station in Paninghall. There was really a need for a passenger service; we are just in time. September 1 we got the subsidy, 50% more on these transport earnings.

Tindhall Station


October 15. We got some complaints from Tindhall. They have a problem with the railroad station: it is too small for the long food train from Starfingfield Woods. There is also a pile-up of not transported food.
The solution is to enlarge the Tindhall Railroad Station

Tenington Forest

Bad Wood transport

Another problem was found on Tenington Forest. the wood production is very high and the transport is very bad, only 23% of the produced wood is transported. On December 6 we tried to improve the transport with a third wood train. Next year we must also improve the railroad itself by adding more double track sections.

Company Status

50 Year Celebration

After 50 years in operation, we own 71 trains and 9 road vehicles.

The company value is now more then 40 million dollar and the cash on the bank just a bit more then 10 million dollar.

Let's see what the coming century brings us...

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