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Episode 5 : 1990..1999 - Consolidation 2

Financial overview 1996


The time goes very fast. We have to do a lot.A look around in this world shows that there are still three villages without any transport. These are: Tendtown, Paninghall and Ledinghattan.
So let's start.



So we start with a passenger service from Tendtown to Gefingway. In Gefingway we have already a large station with one spare track. On April 14 the first train arrives in Tendtown. We use now always the Turbo Diesel because this one has the best reliability, 92%. The others are much lower. The first earnings of this train is only $1,742. It will improve as Tendtown becomes larger and larger. Just wait a few years.

Bad company rating at Paninghall


April 16. The next village is Paninghall. Here we have some problems. In the past we did of lot of railroad construction around this village. This caused some damage around the village. Now the local authority does not allow us to construct anything.

they don't want to give us a construction permission

Two things

To improve our relation with this village we will do two things:

  1. Plant as many trees as possible
  2. Found new buildings

Now our rating is "very poor". We are still not allowed to build something. So we wait some time.


The last village

May 23. Now the last village: Ledinghattan. This is a very small village located in the eternal snow of the mountains. There are 63 inhabitants. If we want to get more people here, we have to supply food and to setup a passenger transport. We start with a double railroad station. A passenger transport to Grenhattan Springs and a food service from our largest food factory.

no mail, no food


July 16. The first train arrives in Ledinghattan. Now we start with the food transport, but at this moment the village is so small that it accepts only passengers, no mail, no food. But at the time that we are ready with the food supply line it is might be changed.


Terrible lot of work

It was a terrible lot of work. End of December we are just halfway at Sentwood. There the transport rating was around 40%. So we improved also this situation. A double station and a new line to Grendhattan Springs.

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