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Episode 5 : 1990..1999 - Consolidation 2

Financial overview 1994


Another year passed. Our train income raised to a bit more then $10,000,000 Not to bad.
We still have a loan of one million dollar. Just forgot to pay back.
They don't send any reminder when you don't pay. We just paid $32,000 loan interest.

First train arrives on Gefingway Woods

Coal transport

We started this year with a new coal transport, from Gefingway Coal Mine to Fennville Power Station. Since the distance is quit long we made it already partly double track. prepared for two trains. On the 14 of March 1995 the train arrives at the Coalmine.

Coal transport earnings

On 22 April the train arrived at the power station. To be sure that there are no mistakes in the track or in the train settings, it is always good to follow a new train on its first route. Now you can also check its earnings.

Bus crashed by a train


On May the 4 there was an accident, a bus was crashed by a train. This is a common problem with these kind of crossings. Since the train comes down from a mountain, the best is to make a bridge for the train.

Different levels, no more accidents

The new Bridge

The 12 the of June the bridge is ready. Now there is a 100% safe situation. No more accidents. However, making these accidents is one of the methods to destroy the vehicles from the competition. Not so fair, but it works. However it should not be used when your own cars are on the same road.

Farm doubles production

Double production

It produces already 180 tons With a double production this will go to 360 tons. That is a terrible lot. It seems to be a fertile area. It will be a big job to arrange the transport for all this. But that's our job, we have to become the Transport Tycoon.

Bad Farm transport rating

We have already a station close near. but the transport rating is not so very good. A big improvement of the railroad is required. We have to change the connection to the station at the Starfingfield Food Factory. The last single track is already used by four trains.

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