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Episode 5 : 1990..1999 - Consolidation 2

Financial overview 1993


We earned about one million more then the previous year. Not so bad. Of course a lot of money was invested in new trains and new services.
But that is what we want, growing bigger and become the tycoon of this world.
We pause the game and look around if some improvement can be done.

Bad Food Transport Rating

Improved food transport

The food transport from the Tendtown Woods factory was very bad, only 39% was transported.

The railroad was made double track and an extra train was added.
The result of this will be visible only within a few months.
Also in Slunningpool the situation was a bit bad, only 30% of the passengers were transported.


Bad transport ratings

From the 22 passengers available, only 10 were transported.
The mail was even worse; zero bags out of 5.
Here the old model train was replaced by a newer and faster one.
Also the transport from Tatfield North is not so very good. We go to build here a double station and add another train.

Can't clear this area

Road problem

A problem was found when we tried to remove a part of the road, it is owned by another company.
The most simple solution is to buy this company, it is very small, with only two vehicles and a value of about $450.000 No problem for us.
So, now we bought this company and that damned road is now also ours.

Gordon & Co has been taken over

The road is ours!

April 1994 So finally we could replace our station by a larger one. One problem was found, the new station came in touch with the bus station, previous owned by Gordon. Now our railroad station has another name and the "Tatfield North" name will disappear soon.


1000 passengers

However, we got also around 1000 passengers waiting on the bus station. They can now take the train.
Now we have to look to where we can go with the other track of this station.

We decided to go to Tinston. This is a village a bit far away to the south, at the foot of the mountains. It will be difficult to make the connection, but it will be a real challenge to do so. We start to change the station for a double track one.

August 1994 the new railroad is ready and the new train is in operation. of course a Turbo Diesel with four Passenger Cars and a Mail Van.

New coalmine founded

New Coal Mine

Just when we started with the new line, a new coalmine was founded. Since coal transport is a good business, we have to watch this mine to see its production.

Tunnel connection near Tatfield

Tunnel connection
near Tatfield

New Tinston Central

New Tinston Central

The new Station at Tatfield

The new Station at Tatfield

You still remember the new coalmine. The production is only 70 tons of coal, so not so interesting for the time being.

Old situation

Destroy a statute

When we made the station at Ronwood, we were not allowed to destroy a statute. Now, a few years later, it is not anymore a problem.

As can been seen, the train has to go around the station, it comes from the left and enters the station at the right.

New situation

So we take the opportunity to destroy the statute and to reroute the track to the station. As you can see, it looks much better now.

The train can now enter the station direct from the left.

Starfingfield Coal Mine

Starfingfield Coal Mine

December 4 - From the Starfingfield Coal Mine, only 56% was transported. There were already two trains, but a long section of the track was through the mountains and was made single track. Now we have some more money we can change the last section to double track. Now the empty train can wait close to the station and arrives almost direct when the full train leaves the station.

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