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Episode 5 : 1990..1999 - Consolidation 2

Financial overview 1992


We invested a lot of money in new trains and as result of that our business is improving. Now we earned almost $8,500,000
More then one million dollar more then the year before.
Hopefully we will grow a bit more and make sure that we are the top company of this world.

Farm will double its production

Improved farming methods

There is already some very good news on the first of January, one of our already very good farms will double its production. We need to have a look if the transport facilities need to be improved.

Subsidy offer

Wheat and livestock

The 10 th of March a train was added to pickup the wheat and livestock from this farm. train 25 was also replaced by a new model and several passengers cars were added. The rails at Starfingfield Woods are improved to handle the three trains more efficiently. On 21 August a subsidy was offered.

and we got the subsidy The first bus arrived

Two busses

New transport service with two busses. A train was too complicated. On 22 September the first bus arrived and we got the subsidy.

Wow, 50 % more money..

Train 10 is getting old

We are busy

October 9, the trains keep us busy. Now train 10 is getting old. it ran already for 19 years, really time to replace by a new one.
We replaced also train 14, between Starfingfield Woods and Senfingly. It has passengers, a food and a post car. The food cars are replaced by passengers cars, because on Senfingly there are over 600 waiting passengers.

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