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Episode 5 : 1990..1999 - Consolidation 2

Financial overview 1991


Our company is still in full expansion. Wherever it is possible we try to make some passengers or other service. The result is good, we invested the last year about $5,500.000 and the increase of our earnings was almost $1,500,000

Subsidy for a wheat service

New passenger service

We started with a new passengers service between Grenhattan Springs and Tinston. Then also a new passengers service between Dinsoft and Wrefingbourne.
Then a subsidy is available for a wheat service from a farm to out new food factory. It is possible, but this farm is too small.

Bus and a truck station at Tindhall Woods

All Turbo Diesels

To improve the transport situation around out office, on 25 May we replaced all the trains by new ones. From CS2400 diesel to Turner Turbo Diesel trains. One such a locomotive is $654,666, so we had again to borrow some money. ($600,000) But don't worry, we earn enough. We built a bus and a truck station at Tindhall Woods, to bring it closer to the city. Now it can receive the mail from Brubourne, they had 636 bags.

Train 9 is getting old

Train replacement

The 20 the of June we could payoff our loan. This is very good, because we already need to replace an old train. We got also the same message for train 4. Since this one earns a lot more money, we will do train 4 first.


Happy people

On 23 September also the other train was replaced. In December we finished a new service between a small agriculture village, Fennville and Flondston.

This new service will not direct make a lot of money, but it will help the development of these villages. Around the new station we planted some trees, this will make the Fennville people happy.

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