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Episode 5 : 1990..1999 - Consolidation 2

Financial overview 1990


It is already 1991. The past year was not so bad. Our income increased again and our bank account is positive and we have no more loan.On the fifth of January we got the subsidy. The first earnings are only a $400 Well hopefully it will increase when there are more passengers.

Subsidy offer

Subsidy 1

While we were trying to get a subsidy, there came a new offer for a passengers transport. This looks also an interesting business. We have to make a service between Condinghall and Penville. In the middle between them is Wrunthill City. There is already a station.

We got the Subsidy

Subsidy 2

We go to move the train from Teddingville to Condinghall to Wrunthill City, there we make a new double station. Then there comes a new connection from Teddingville to Condinghall. On the 15 the of March we got the subsidy. One train goes another route and one train runs a longer distance, so it was replaced by a faster model.

Subsidy offer

Subsidy 3

We were just working on a passengers service from Nunton to Great Chunborough when we received a new offer for a subsidy. It is a bit strange, it is the same one as a few months ago. So we will get for sure this subsidy.



Our new train is up and running. As you can see Nunton is a small village in some hilly forest. Not bad to live there, when there is a good train service.
We got also the subsidy, the same as before.
Will bring in some more money.

All our present subsidies


At the right you can see all our present subsidies.
Indeed, we have two times the same one.

Fronthead Farm will double its production

Good news

The Fronthead Farm will double its production. Now they produce 90 tons of wheat and 90 tons of livestock.
This will be a lot more when it is double so much. We have to keep an eye on it, to see if our trains can everything.

New food plant under construction

New Food Plant

Another interesting message, a new food plant under construction.
After a quick look around there we found already one good producing farm without any transport to a food plant. New business!

The construction of the new food plant

The Food Plant

Here you can see the new food plant under construction. It is in the middle of nowhere, so we have to do a lot of work to get wheat as livestock and to transport the produced food to a nearby city. OK let's start; it is now the 4th of July...

Ready Food Plant with Station

All work is done

It is now the fifth of December and all work is done.
We have two trains to Fennville farm, one for wheat and one for live stock. this farm produces 180 tons of each yearly. The the produced food is transported to New Pinhead. To improve passengers transport a new service was made between New Pinhead and Gefingway. This Gefingway if the closest village to the new food plant.

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