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Episode 4 : 1980..1989 - Globalization

Financial report 1989


WWW transport has now 44 trains and 4 road vehicles. The income last year passed the $5,000,000.
The coming year we will continue with our "Globalization". Transport for the whole world.
Our investments in construction and new vehicles will remain very high.

Hunningwell railway station

Hunningwell to Gefingway

The first new transport services for the year 1989 is from Hunningwell to Gefingway.

Both railroad stations are a bit oversized for the (at this moment) small villages, but we do aspect some growth.

Humningwel powerstation

Many Passengers

There are almost immediate a lot of passengers on this railway station. So the first train from Hunningwell to Gefingway earned almost $26,000

Some more special actions:

  • Train 7 was old and is replaced
Gefingway railway station

More new transport services

  • Slindwood to Kindingstone
  • A second train between
    Hunningwell and Gefingway

Operating Profit

The operating graph from the last years

The above graph shows the Operating Profit from January 1984 till December 1989. As you can see, the competitors are almost on the zero line. They will never go up.

Compagny League table

Compagny League table

On the right is the "Company League Table. "WWW Transport" is now with "Chairman" the number one.

Look, it's me!!!

Company Status

You can see how many vehicles we have and the value of the company.

There is also a "View HQ" link which brings you to our headquarter.
Don't forget to look at the portrait; it's the big boss himself, never getting older during these hunderd years.

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