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Episode 4 : 1980..1989 - Globalization

Financial report 1982


Almost a train income of $2,500,000, still a very low bank balance and the maximum loan. We have now 28 trains and three road vehicles. The company value is $7,586,285. On the Company League table we are "Director".
Not bad, but still a long way to go In fact we should do no new investments and save money to replace the old trains...

Paper mill

Wood Transport

Begin of June we started with the wood supply line to the paper mill. There are two forests, both above in the mountains. One produces 208 ton, the other one 117 ton of wood. We started with the biggest one and the train runs begin of October. With it's first trip it earned $52,230. Now the paper mill produces paper, but we have no printing work to supply this paper to.
The second wood train was in operation just before the end of the year.

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