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Episode 4 : 1980..1989 - Globalization


Financial report 1981

Again a new year. Our train income is now $2,230,246, an increase of about $200,000. Not so much. This is due too that we have almost only passenger transport. We need more coal and other things like wood. We had already a look for a wood transport service, there are already two forests, which can be connected, but there is no paper mill.

Saston coal mine

Saston coal mine

We go to supply coal from the Saston coal mine to the Betown power station. This is quite a large distance, but with our Turbo Diesel we can keep short transport times. At the end of the construction work we bought the new train and put it in service. Bank account only $20,000. Loan $ 700,000.
The train arrived on July 26 and it earned $68,000. Not bad at all. Since the coalmine is very big, 270 tons of coal, we can make some double rail tracks and put a second train in operation.

New paper mill

Paper Mill

The first of July we got finally a Paper Mill. We have been a long time waiting for this. Now we can start a wood transport from the forests we have already.

Train getting old

New opened services

  • Passengers from
    New Pinhead to Tennpool (bus)
  • Passengers from
    Tinston to Fledingville (train)
  • Second Coal Train
    to Saston Mines

We have still a few of these cheap diesel locomotives; very soon we
must replace them.

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