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Episode 4 : 1980..1989 - Globalization

Financial report 1980


Our earnings increased the previous year by about $500,000.
We spent almost $400,000 for construction and new vehicles. We paid some load off and the bank balance goes to the right direction.
Still much more to do...


First new service

Is a bus from Dinfingway (367 inh.)to Ronwood (216 inh.) After a few weeks only there were already many passengers. So a train service was put in operation. In both villages we made some 5 squares long, two platform railway stations. Always good for future expansion.
All villages in this valley are now connected by WWW Transport.

Office 1981

New office

In the mean time our office was again completely rebuilt. As you can see it is now multi-floor building with a large parking place. The company flag can be seen outside, in front of the building. In the company league table, we are now "Director"

Compagny league table 1980
Tatfield new station

Tatfield to Ronwood

The next new service is from a new station in Tatfield to the railway station of Ronwood. This line goes almost all trough the mountains. It has two tunnels and one bridge; it was quite expensive.
On the picture the new railway station in Tatfield and the railroad, which goes straight into the mountains.

Very busy...


Tatfield is a large city with almost 2,200 inhabitants. It is located on the begin of the big river which goes to the delta near the sea. It's a very popular city for the competitor to start a bus service.
In this game there had been already four companies who started here. At the moment there is only one competitor left over in Tatfield. This is Gordon transport with only two busses.

Saston railroad station


In the valley at the north we just found a small village, Saston with 115 inhabitants, not yet connected to or existing transport network. The closest village is Dinfingway.
We made a single platform station in Saston and connected that to the already double station in Dinfingway. The train is small, one locomotive (112 km/h), one passengers car and a Mail Van.

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