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Episode 4 : 1980..1989 - Globalization


Office in 1980

Our Head Quarter village Dinsoft has 763 inhabitants. Our office was completely rebuilt the last year. We have now a very nice new office.
The next ten years we will concentrate on globalization.
We go to connect all villages, cities and factories in the world together
and try to take over the transport lines of the competition.

Financial report 1979


The income of the trains is again increased last year. We have to keep this going up.
Our loan is still on the maximum, now $600,000. Out bank balance is now increasing rapidly.

New goldmine

What to do?

Where to start? Well it gave always a bit of irritation than there is a gold mine close to a bank and that we have no gold service there.
We go to use an armored truck to transport gold. The location of the mine is very close to the bank in Drontburg. We try with one truck. If more are needed we can always add one.

Old and a new train


Our next job is to replace all, or at least as many as possible of the old type locomotive, the very cheap and slow one by a faster one. The top one is the old one with 80 km/h the bottom one goes 112 km/h

Gadtown station

Gadtown to Dinsoft

A few years ago we had a bus service between Gadtown and Dinsoft. Since this was a financial disaster we stopped with that. Now that we are a big company, we can afford to setup a service which has bad earnings at the startup. However, don't worry after some time we will earn money with this service.
Well, after watching a few round trips, it makes already money. The railway station in Dinsoft was enlarged to four platforms to handle this new service.

Train tunnel

Fledingville to Tatfield

While looking around for a place to start a new service, we got an offer for a subsidized passengers transport from Fledingville to Tatfield.
The distance between these to cities is not so very far, but we have to pass a mountain. During this construction we earned so much money that we immediately could buy a Turbo Diesel locomotive.
On December 12 we've got the subsidy.

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