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Episode 3 : 1970..1979 - Expansion

Financial overview of 1978


We are already in the last year of the "Expansion" cycle. Our earnings increased only with a$200,000.

However, our bank balance becomes positive. We are not so far from the situation that we earn more than we can spend. Sounds good, isn't it?

New train between Senfingley and Slunningpool

End of February 1979 the new train runs between Senfingley and Slunningpool.

Subsidy withdrawn

Subsidy withdrawn

The first of march the subsidy we had on the passengers transport from Overingway to Lendhead was withdrawn. The train earned the previous year $43.000 and this year about $11,000.
A subsidy does not increase the earnings a lot, but gives a good opportunity to start a new service.

New Subsidy Offer

New subsidy

After a few months of work and an expensive tunnel of $60,000 the railroad is ready. Since we have  no real money problems anymore we could buy direct a Turbo Diesel with a speed of 160 km/h
After the first two round trips, the earnings of the new train are already around $50,000

Overingway Mines

Another subsidy

In the mean time we got another subsidy offer, now between Overingway and Pennville. In Overingway we had already a railroad station for the coal mine. This one is relocated, closer to the city. Now it can be used for coal and passengers transport.

The 15 the December the train is in operation. Of course we used again the Turbo Diesel. December 29 we got the subsidy.

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