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Episode 3 : 1970..1979 - Expansion

Financial overview of 1976


Not so much was done in the previous year, the consolidation of the wheat and livestock transport, with faster locomotives and the new line from Tindhall the the Food Plant. The increase in train income was last year only 170k$

This new year we have to replace several of the small old diesel locomotives, they are too slow and they are getting old.

Tatfield Central

Start at Tatfield

For some new high efficiency investments we had a look on the map and found the city "Tatfield" with already more the 1700 inhabitants. WWW transport was not yet active there. So we built a large railroad station and laid a railroad to Nardinghattan Bridge. Both station are made 5 squares long, we aspect many passengers and need therefore long trains.

The earnings of a long full train is around $15,000 per trip.

High speed Passenger Train

In August 1977 we had the money to complete the train to it's full length. It can carry 6 times 40 passengers.

The new Turbo Diesel

Turbo Diesel

The first of October there is a new locomotive available. It is a Dual Traction High speed Turbo Diesel. The price is $368,000, the speed is 160 km/hour. This is a very good one to run on the line to Tatfield. Let's wait until we have the money.

The new Turbo Diesel

Here is the Turbo Diesel which runs between Tatfield and Nardinghattan Bridge.

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