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Episode 3 : 1970..1979 - Expansion

Financial overview of 1975


In 1975 we put three new trains in service. Wheat and Livestock transport is a good business.

The food transport could be combined with passengers and mail, this is also very economical. The train income increased with about 200K$, from 500K$ to about 700K$.

The new Tindhall Railroad Station

Improvements at Tindhall

To improve the food and passengers transport the railroad station in Tindhall was enlarged and a new railroad was made between Tindhall and Starfingfield Woods. Now we can improve the transport rating in Starfingfield, which is a bit lower then 50%. With the extra train it will improve to 75%.

New train Starfinfield to Tindhall

New train Starfinfield to Tindhall

112 km/h Livestock Train

Locomotives replaced

Just before the end of the year we had enough money to replace the locomotives from the livestock and wheat train by a 112 km/h model.

112 km/h Wheat Train

This was needed, because the transport rating on the farm station was very low, around 30% only.

1950..2050: Year by Year

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