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Episode 3 : 1970..1979 - Expansion

Financial overview of 1973


The train income increased to about $450,000. We had also a lot of investment in construction and new vehicles.

The total is still negative. However the cash money increases now rapidly. We can continue to spend money on new investments.



We have already some time a railroad station in Drontburg for the gold train. However, there is not yet any passengers and mail service. The service. The rating is 15%.
So we go to setup this service from Drontburg to Kindingstone, at the other side of the river.
Kindingstone has 184 inhabitants and is beautifully located on the river side.


Locomotive change

To increase the quality of service between Tronbridge and Tindhall the locomotive was upgraded to the 112 km/h type with a bit more horse power.
Also 2 passenger cars were added to the train.

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