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Episode 3 : 1970..1979 - Expansion

Financial overview of 1972


The earnings were in 1973 much higher the the year before. We had a few more trains and the world recession was over. Especial the coal train did it very well. This train earned even more than $100,000, two times more then the second best one, the train from Lendhead to Kendhattan. This year we can increase our loan to $500,000.

The new Tronbridge Rail Road Station

Tronbridge to Tindhall

In September 1973 a new passengers and mail service between Tronbridge and Tindhall is put in operation.
The goal is to minimize the number of waiting passengers in Tindhall and to develop Tronbridge. 
The rating of transport service in Tindhall was only 37%, this is very low.

Kendhattan Railroad Station

Railroad reconstruction

The railroad connection from Kendhattan to Slindwood was not properly constructed. In fact the rails went around some hills. Removing hill is very expensive, so it was cheaper to go around them. A few months age another company did some construction work near the Kendhattan railroad station and they removed these hills. For us a good opportunity to reconstructure our rail road. It is now quite a bit shorter.
The railroad goes now straight to Slindwood...

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