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Episode 3 : 1970..1979 - Expansion


Dinsoft in 1970

Our Head Quarter village Dinsoft has 836 inhabitants. We have now a nice upgraded office.

The next ten years we will concentrate on our expansion.

We will try to grow as big as possible.

First we go to extend our existing transport network to the neighbor villages. and later, when we have really a lot of money, we can found new industries by our own.

Operating Profit Graph

The Operating Profit Graph shows now really an up going line. All our competitors are still around the zero line.

Founding your own industry is very expensive


Founding your own industry is very expensive.

a very much needed food processing plant costs us almost $4,000,000

New Coal Mine under construction

New Coalmine

We go to open a new line from Dinsoft Woods to Lendhead Central, in both villages to a new Railroad Station. the distance is not so large, so we can use once more the smallest locomotive.

The World Recession of 1970

World Resession

After one month of operation we could replace the small locomotive by a faster one. Also in the mean time we received two important messages, one about the opening of a new coal mine, not so far from the Dinsoft Power Station and a message about a world wide recession.

Such a World Recession means in general a decrease of production and a lower number of passengers and mail.

New Coal Mine Station

Coal Transport

The WWW Transport Company just decided to start a coal transport service from the new mine to the Dinsoft Power station. Total investments will be around a $200,000. We have only a $35.000, but when we build not to fast we will earn also money in the mean time.

Wating for money to build a Bridge

Construction stop

In September the new construction ends on the side of the river. A bridge is already more then $12,000 and we have only $10,000.

No further construction is possible. We need to construct more rails and to build the railroad station . In addition we need a $140,000 for the train.

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