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Episode 2 : 1960..1969 - Consolidation 1

Financial Report 1969


In the previous year our train income was already more than $180,000. At the end it's negative, this because everything was invested in new railroads, stations and trains.
Our load at the bank is still at it's maximum, $400,000 This does not matter, as long as we earn enough to pay the loan interest.

Overingway Railroad Station

Overingway to Chanville

Also the train from Chanville to Overingway is in operation. After this line was established, only a little cash was left. But we have now six trains and they all make money. We have only to wait only a short time to see our bank account increasing.

New train

Train replacement

Train 1 is already 13 years old. It has quite a long line. The best is now to replace the locomotive by a new and faster model. My favorite locomotive can reach 112 km/h and cost only $121.000. This locomotive is a very good choice for a flat railroad, it's engine is not strong enough to go fast in the mountains.

Company Status 1969

All OK

It looks that we did it quite well in this decenium. In the beginning it was really a bit hard, but now the WWW Transport Company owns already 6 trains. All trains are making money.
Our next goal is to replace the train 2 from Lendhead to Dinsoft by a new fast one and the we go to make the next step; expansion, try to grow the company. as much as possible.

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