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Episode 2 : 1960..1969 - Consolidation 1

Financial Report 1968


The year 1967 brought some stabilization in our company, the earnings seems to go upward now. We bought a new train and even our earnings are positive.
Also now we can borrow again $100,000 more, the maximum loan is now $400,000.

Chanville Railroad Station

Dinsoft - Chanville

The transport ratings on the railway station of our Head Quarter village are not so very good, 35% for both passengers and mail. Also the village grows a lot. It would be good to start a train service to the neighbor village "Chanville" at the other side of the river.
The train has again the cheapest locomotive with one passengers car and a mail van.

New Dinsoft Rrailroad Station

New Dinsoft Station

In Dinsoft we demolished the simple station and replaced it by a two-platform one. in Chanville we built also a two-platform station.
The train runs, $34,495 left.

Lendhead Railroad Station

Waiting passengers

After some time watching the trains suddenly was found that in Lendhead on the railway station are a few hundred passengers waiting.
This is really bad, with a few more passenger cars we can earn much more money.

New Head Quater 1968

Business is booming, we earn more and more money. Some money was left over to improve our Head Quarter. Look at the picture, doesn't it become a nice building?
You can compare it with the picture at the top of this page, taken in 1960.

Overingway Railroad Station


Half December we have enough money to setup another train service. We go to make a railroad between Overingway and Chanville. Overingway is quite a large village with good transport opportunities. We make there a two-platform railroad station, then there is one rail free to connect later to a new station in Lendhead.

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