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Episode 2 : 1960..1969 - Consolidation 1

Financial Report 1967


As you can see, nothing was done last year.
We did only drink some coffee and watched the game. It is very important to look always to the bus(ses) and to save the game regularly. If a bus is destroyed by a UFO, then we close the game and take the previous savegame. Sometimes we can avoid the collision with the UFO, but in most cases we have to sell the bus before the collision.

New Locomotive announced

New Locomotive

In March a new locomotive is announced. This is one of my favorite types. It is not so very expensive and it can go a lot faster then the already existing ones.

The new train is running


Begin of May it is so far. We earned enough to replace the bus by a train. First we sell the bus, gives us about $22k. Then we can buy (again) the smallest locomotive ($56k) with one passengers car.

Locomotive, with one passengers car and one Mail Van

Mail Van

End of May our money increased already so much that we could ad a Mail Van to the train. On the picture you see the new train, the cheapest and slowest locomotive, with one passengers car and one Mail Van.
And there it goes...

Competition stats Gold Service

Green Transport

Our strongest competitor, Green Transport started a new gold service form the New Profingly Gold Mine to the bank in Drontburg.
They uses armored cars. These cars will take a very long time before they arrive. at the bank. Let's watch them to see if they really arrive there and what money they earn.

Earning money

After a long time the first car arrived at the truck station near the bank The brute earnings are $1,888, the net earning we can see in the information window of the vehicle is $1,366. In fact we have to look to this amount when the vehicle is back at the gold mine.

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