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Episode 2 : 1960..1969 - Consolidation 1

Financial Report 1963


The earnings in 1963 are about a $10,000 less then last year.

Further did we have some construction cost for the new railroad. Also the income from the destroyed bus is gone...

Gold Service Subsidy offer

First Subsidy

We received our first subsidy offer. It is for the gold service from the Profingly Gold mine to the already well known bank in Drontburg.

It means that there is a 50% extra payment on the gold transport. We have no money to do anything. From now on we can only watch and wait...

Company Leage 1964

Company League Table

WWW transport is now on the first place. Our level is still "Traffic Manager"

Only waiting is not so good, we must stimulate the transport. In October we get an offer to test a new bus. This bus goes faster and can carry more passengers then the old busses. We bought one new bus for $30,384 and put it on the line form Kendhattan to Slindwood.

In fact this line is still waiting for a train, but we have no money for it. Now the new bus replaces the old destroyed one. Hopefully will this new one last for a few years.

Slindwood Service rating


Our service rating for passengers in Slindwood was about 5%, now it goes quickly up to 25%.

Normal values are 50 to 80 percent.

As you can see, there is a lot of gold waiting for transport. We have not enough money to setup a gold transport service.

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