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Episode 2 : 1960..1969 - Consolidation 1

Financial Report 1962


The time goes fast. the earnings for 1962 were $26,010, the company's all time high.

On January 19, we brought another $20,000 back to the bank.

New Coalmine

New Coalmine

We got our coal mine, but it is too far from the power station...

Bus is getting old

Old Bus

In April we received the long expected message, about our bus, it is getting old.
We have no money to buy a new one.

Overview of companies

Number 2

The company League Table shows that WWW Transport is not (yet) at the top. The number one is Green Transport. They have a gold transport line.

UFO hits a bus


In the mean time our old bus had a collision with an UFO. I'm really sorry that there is no picture from this accident. These UFO collisions are frustrating things with busses. We are just lucky that it is an old bus.

Another bus explosion

Once an UFO comes, you can not stop it. It's maybe better now to set up a train service to replace the bus. Here on the right you can see the effect of a collision between a bus and a UFO.

Since busses are not so good, we go to replace the disappeared bus by a train.

Slindwood Bus Station


First a picture from Slindwood with the to be changed bus station.

At the right side you can just see a part of the gold mine.

Slindwood Railroad Station


The train station and the railroad are ready but now there is only about $20,000 left. Too less to buy a train, we have to wait.

We made a two-platform station. With the other rail maybe a gold transport can be setup. To avoid building houses, a few rails are placed.

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