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Episode 2 : 1960..1969 - Consolidation 1


Up till now we did it not so very good. I played this scenario already several times and normally there comes always an interesting transport service. Of course, we can continue with the passenger's services, but this takes a long time before the earnings really increases.
The good point is that now the villages are growing by their own, they don't need to be stimulated by bus transport.

Dinsoft in 1960


For example our Head Quarter village, Dinsoft.
It has are now already 310 inhabitants and 25 passengers per month.
There are still new buildings under construction.

Very soon we can borrow a $100,000 more. With this money we can setup a train service between Dinsoft and Lendhead.

Let's try

The railway station in Lendhead is already prepared for two trains. We have to build a station in Dinsoft and to construct the railroad. To get a bit more money we sell the bus, which ran the same service. On February 26 bus 2 was sold for $3,316. It gives some more money for the train.

First train arrives in Dinsoft in 1960

Train number 2

We use the same cheap locomotive as for the other train, one passengers can and a mail van.
The train runs, it is the number 2 and at the end of the year the total earning was $11,388

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