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Episode 1 : 1950..1959 - Startup

Financial Report 1957


1958 arrived, no special news. The financial situation is not too bad. No great earnings, but only small losses.

It looks like it will be possible to survive a few years more to wait till the villages are grown and a good transport service can be setup.

A new bank under construction in Drontburg

New Bank

In Drontburg is a new bank under construction. A bank needs gold. This can be transported from a gold mine. Very close to Drontburg is such a gold mine, so immediately a new transport company is founded.

Picture of Drontburg with the new bank

Gold Transport

This new company starts to build a railway between the new bank and the gold mine. This is done by the AI of the game.

You can see that this AI is not so very intelligent. The rails on the right has to be connected with the station. With a little planning the station would have been built with another orientation.

No Money

WWW Transport Company has not enough money to setup a new service there. The cost of an Armored truck is already $24,704. In addition two truck stations and a road has to be constructed. This is just too expensive.
At the end of June, the Drontburg Transport Company gave it up to construct the gold transport service. All railway station and rails are removed.

First train of the competition

Another new Company

In September another new company starts it's activities near Drontburg. They are a bit more clever, so they can make the railway. Their first train earns $4,094

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