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Episode 1 : 1950..1959 - Startup

Financial Report 1956


The first competitor, Lendhead Transport went bankrupt. The others will follow soon, maybe our "WWW Transport" too.

If we look to our financial situation then it can be seen that there are four negative posts. The train and road vehicle running cost are normal, we can't do a lot to decrease these.

Property Maintenance

The "property maintenance" can be lowered be the demolishing of the unused bus station in Gadtown

Removed bus station in Gadtown

The interest can be lowered by lending as less as possible, or in other words, only borrow more money when the company comes close to a bankrupt...

On the right you can see the demolished bus station. The station name is still visible in grey, but will disappear soon.

Just removed airport

Demolished Airport

The bankrupt company Lendhead Transport demolished it's airports and head quarter. The dark ground shows the former location of the airport. At the Lendhead Airport were 156 passengers waiting. They can now go to our railway station.

New company startup

Tatfield Transport

On March 6 another new company was launched: "Tatfield Transport". Tatfield is quite a large city with already more the 700 inhabitants. It's very lucrative to start there a bus transport.
We wait and see...

Company bankrupt

More troubles

Now with Bigwig & CO. Don't worry, it doesn't harm WWW transport. It is only good for our business.

Due to the increasing number of passengers in Lendhead we had to add a second passengers car to the train.

October 1, Bigwig & CO went bankrupt and all it's assets were sold off. This will bring again more passengers to our railway stations.

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