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Episode 1 : 1950..1959 - Startup

Operating graph 1953


A New Year arrives. The earning graph goes once more in the wrong direction. In fact Bus 1 still loses money.

We try to change the load setting of this bus to a "full load" at Gadtown.

Lendhead bus station status

Bus 1 doing bad

It is the first of March, Bus 1 is still doing bad. we close this line and make a new one, with the same bus, between Lendhead and Slindwood. Lendhead has continuously passengers waiting.
There are now 48 passengers. Almost two full busses

New farm under construction

The bus arrived at it's new service and picked up 31 passengers from Lendhead. Just received a message about a new farm near Wrunthill City.
In October our money goes into the red figures, we have to borrow another $20,000 to keep them black. If we don't do this the company will go bankrupt within a few months.

List of available trains in 1953

Very Expensive

Why do we not start a train service?. Well, it's simple, the only one train we can buy is very expensive. The running cost is $6,616 per year and we need to pay $57,260 to buy it... In a short time there will come a cheaper train. That one we go to use.

Trains are better than busses, because busses can be destroyed by UFO's, they take sometimes a wrong road and the capacity is only 31 passengers. As soon as we have more the 50 passenger a train service can be started and brings up more money.


WWW Transport in a dangerous situation

Ai, we forgot to boorow some more money, now there was a message that WWW Transport goes bankrupt if performance not increases.

1950..2050: Year by Year

This page shows all Game Years one by one. From 1950, to the last one: 2050.

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