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Episode 1 : 1950..1959 - Startup


Normally when we start with a game, we look around on the map for an industry to set up a goods transport service or we look for some large cities to setup a passengers transport.

In this scenario there is no industry, there are no large cities, only small villages. The level setting of the game is "Hard".

Dinsoft, location of WWW Transport Company

Head Quarter

However, something has to be done. We decide to build our Head Quarter in a small village called "Dinsoft".

End of January 1950 the Head Quarter is ready. A few employees live in a neighbor village, Gadtown.

So we start the first bus service between Dinsoft and Gadtown.

First bus arrives at Dinsoft

First Bus

On February 5 the first bus arrives at Dinsoft, without passengers, so no money was earned.
On February 28 the bus at Gadtown brought two passengers to Dinsoft.
The earnings were $68

First bus arrives at Gadtown

The bus has now  one passenger from Dinsoft, it . earned $36 in Gadtown, then back with 3 passengers it earned $54 in Dinsoft

Construction of new houses

Growing Village

Dinsoft has only 49 inhabitants, Gadtown 146. After the construction of the new Head Quarter and the start of a bus service Dinsoft starts to construct some new houses. The bus service goes on and in the mean time we pay some loan off, to lower the interest paying.

During the game we must watch the messages to see if somewhere a new industry is started.

Bus with a breakdown

Car Breakdown

Sometimes the bus has a breakdown, the motor smokes and the bus can't drive. A cloud of black smoke comes from the motor.
When a vehicle is long without service then the reliability decreases a lot. To avoid too many breakdowns, the time between two services can be reduced.

The Dinsoft Power Station

Power Station

On the road from Dinsoft to Lendhead there is a power station.

Such a power station needs coal.

Coal transport is a very lucrative one, but presently there is no coalmine. We have to wait...

1950..2050: Year by Year

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