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When you open a site then they are there: these stupid and irritating popup windows. It is more or less an exercise in fast closing windows then peaceful surfing.

If you can't beat them, join them

I don't like popups and therefore I've made one myself. It is only shown when the browser is Internet Explorer. There is nothing to see when you use Mozilla, Netscape, Opera or any other browser.

It is not only a protest against the popups, but also against the many sites that I have seen with the stupid text:
Best viewed with Internet Explorer

A search with Google on this text gives almost a half million hits. This has to got down to 0 (zero).

The main intention of the popup on this site is to remind to Internet Explorer users that there are other - and better browsers like Mozilla FireFox.

My Popup

Since I don't want to hide anything on this site, I've put here the php code which sends the cookie and enables/disables the popup. It's free to use, but it is my first made cookie, so there is no guarantee that it will work also on other places.

  //----  special popup section to alert IE users -----
  $expdays = 14; // expires in 14 days
  $popup = 0;    // no popup
  if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],'MSIE') > 0 ){
     if(!IsSet($_COOKIE["popup"])) {
        setcookie("popup","no", time() + 60*60*24*$expdays);
        $popup = 1; // allow popup

Here is line that loads the popup:

    if ($popup==1) echo "onload=\"popup('mozadd.php')\" ";

and the code to be placed in the head of the html page:

function popup(mozadd)
  statusbar=no,location=no, scrollbars=no,resizable=no,
  width=200, height=350,left=50,top=50')

Why Mozilla FireFox ?

Mozilla FireFox empowers you to accomplish things online faster and more efficiently than any other browser. Offering the industry's best implementations of features such as Tab-Browsing and popup blocking, as well as a horde of other seamless innovations, FireFox stands out ahead of every other web browser. More...

My change to Mozilla was not to block popups, but for the much better search facilities then can be found on Internet Explorer. With IE I have always problems like the search text that disappears continuously. Also the Mozilla keyboard shortcuts are very usable.

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