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Test your XHTML knowledge

Do you really know how to make a website in XHTML? Do this quiz if you want to be sure.

On each question you can give one or more responses. When you give one good and one bad response, you get zero points for that question. When you check all checkboxes your points may go below zero. However, in such a case, it will be round up to zero.

Q1 - What is the correct way to teminate empty tags ?

Q2 - What is/are the correct way to place an image ?

Q3 - What does XHTML stand for ?

Q4 - For which mediums you can use XHTML

Q5 - Which of the following is more semantically correct for the title of a document ?

Q6 - Which is the correct declaration for an italic text inside a paragraph ?

Q7 - Does an XHTML document needs a DOCTYPE ?

Q8 - Which of the following tag(s) is/are block-level tag(s) ?

Q9 - What is the correct way to preset a checkbox ?

Q10 - Which is the correct way to make a paragraph ?


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