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On this page you will find the famous Site Quiz Do the quiz and find out if you are Beginner, a Master - or something in between. If you have read all pages on this site, then don't worry; you'll know all the answers.

On each question you can give one or more responses. When you give one good and one bad response, you get zero points for that question. When you check all checkboxes your points may go below zero. However, in such a case, it will be round up to zero.

Q1 - The standard Slo-Syn Stepper Motor has:

Q2 - You can do a personal assessment test on this site:

Q3 - The number of Downloadable files on the Downloadpage is:

Q4 - In which year was Superior Electric founded?

Q5 - Perry Rhodan was born in:

Q6 - The Headquarter of WWW.Transport is located in :

Q7 - Transport Tycoon -
In which year was the first train in operation ?

Q8 - The variable transformer made by Superior Electric is called:

Q9 - You can calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) on this site:

Q10 - The Transport Tycoon pages do have some addional information about:


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