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Sample Certificate

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Here you can find several types of quizzes. The first and most famous one is the "Site Quiz". This quiz has questions about the content of this site. The second quiz is about XHTML. When there are minimal ten questions for a new Quiz, it will automatically show up in the selection menu at the bottom of this page.


Each quiz contains ten questions. These questions are random selected from the chosen category. The order of the questions is random as is the order of the responses.

To make it not too easy it works with checkboxes. Some questions do have only one good response, while other questions may have more then one good response. They need all to be selected to get the maximum number of points. So, on each question you have to give one or more responses. When you give one good and one bad response, you get zero points for that question. When you check all checkboxes your points may go below zero. However, in such a case, it will be round up to zero.


Since some questions have two or more good responses each question has a maximum of 12 points. If the question has one good answer, that answer has 12 points and the wrong responses do have minus 12 points. If there are two good responses, each good response gives six points, while a wrong response give minus six points. For three and four good responses it is the same system.


This quiz is not for fun; you can get a real certificate when the quiz is finished.

There are six grades for the certificate. You need at least to be Novice to get one.

  •   00% - Beginner (No certificate)
  •   60% - Novice
  •   70% - Rookie
  •   80% - Veteran
  •   90% - Expert
  • 100% - Master

This certificate will come as a .png image. It can be saved with a right mouse click and then use: "Save Image As" "

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