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iButton Reader

29 - iButton Reader

This program reads the serial number of a Dalls / Maxim iButton.
File Date Time Changer

28 - File Date Time Changer

This program can set all files or a number of selected files in a directory to the same date and time. At the same time it can change the file names to upper or lower case.
HTML Tag Stripper

27 - HTML Tag Stripper

An HTML file can have a lot of useless tags inside, like the FONT tag. If we want to improve such a document, at least all font tags must be removed and replaced by CSS. This program can remove tags or make them empty.
File Histogram

26 - File Histogram

This program makes a Histogram of the byte contents of a file. It reads a file and counts the bytes inside that file. Then it places the counted bytes in a graph with one bar for each byte. The longest bar represents the highest number of bytes.
It starts with byte $00 on the left side and ends wit $FF on the right.
Binary Clock

25 - Binary Clock

Put a Binary Clock on your screen. Nobody can read it, only you know when it is coffee time. It is only for fun. Modes: Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal and Roman numbers.
Floppy to CDRom

24 - Floppy to CDRom

This program can copy systematically all data files from the old floppy disks to the hard disk. Then they can be saved on a CDRom.
Baby Type

23 - Baby Type

If you have a baby, then with this program she or he can type. All you need is a Windows computer and a baby who can hit at the keyboard.
Rollover Factory

22 - Rollover Factory

Make automatically all your "Rollover" images with one key press.
All rollovers on this site are made with this program.
Batch File Maker

21 - Batch File Maker

This program is made to help me with making the downloadable ZIP files for the Delphi section of this site. You can drag and drop files and then the program makes a Batch file to ZIP automatically these selected files.
Computer Logbook

20 - Computer Logbook

To log the startup, running time, shutdown and crashes from my computer. All information is stored in a DBF file for a detailed analyzing.
Log file Downloader

19 - Log file Downloader

To download my download log file and save it in a DBF file for further processing.
Nutrition Calculator

18 - Nutrition Calculator

When I made this program, I spent so much time on it that I had almost no time to eat. So I lost really some weight.
HTML Link Grabber

17 - HTML Link Grabber

With this program you can grab all the links from a HTML pages.
Stepper Sales Tool Setup

16 - Stepper Sales Tool Setup

This is a kind of file copy program to copy files from a CD-rom to the hard disk.
Message Thread Downloader

15 - Message Thread Downloader

With this program you can download a complete thread of messages, instead of clicking many times on the next page button. Only the source code is available.
Application Note Generator

14 - Application Note Generator

The Delphi section of this site is made with this program. The page content is stored in a database and automatically placed in a template.
Comma Test

13 - Comma Test

To demonstrate the Power of Delphi. Change easily the local settings, like decimal separator or date format
Torque Calculator

12 - Torque Calculator

Made to replace an Excel spreadsheet. It does not work properly...
RS232 Communication Program

11 - RS232 Communication Program

A RS232 terminal program with built-in facilities for communication with Superior Electric motion controls. The program has also some automatic test features for these units.
Elterm 24 Emulator

10 - Elterm 24 Emulator

This is a computer version from a small "Operator Interface Panel". It does the same, but cost less. It is very nice for testing
Motor / Drive Cable Selector

09 - Motor / Drive Cable Selector

Which cable belongs to which motor and drive? This program can give you the right type. Before to be used, make sure all of the data is correct.
SEBasic to HTML

08 - SEBasic to HTML

After making programs for Superior Electric motion control, I would put them on Internet. However, the result was only some plain text. This program does the conversion from this plain text to colored HTML.
DataBase (DBF) to HTML

07 - DataBase (DBF) to HTML

Converts the contents of a database to HTML.
Stepper Motor Demo

06 - Stepper Motor Demo

You want to have a stepping motor on your screen? Look here is one. It is the simplest motor you can imagine, but it works like a real one
Help by Help

05 - Help by Help

Once I had to make some Windows help files. This program helps with that.

04 - Mosaic

Make your own "Mosaic", never any lost pin and no destruction to make a new one.
SS1000 to TDC

03 - SS1000 to TDC

This program converts one motion control programming language in to another one.
G-Code to SEBasic

02 - G-Code to SEBasic

Convert "G Codes" like G90 X2000 F250 to a new type programming language. It handles distance, speed and In and Outputs. Not the serial communication.
Hoeveel nachtjes slapen...

01 - Hoeveel nachtjes slapen...

Papa, how many nights to sleep before my birthday? Tired of this question, use this program and convert it to English, because it is still in Dutch and I don't like to change it. Please note that this is My First Delphi Program.
My Delphi Programs Information

My Delphi Program Info

Information about My Delphi Programs.
Why are they on Internet? You can read it here.
My Delphi Links

My Delphi Links

Some of my popular Delphi links. Absolutely not complete, but I use them often.
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