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This program inserts the contens of a database into HTML pages. Each record gives one page. Depending of the content of some fields it inserts pictures with or without links. The HTML page itself comes from a template. The program replaces keywords in this template with the data from the database. It saves a lot of work, but it is still a big job.

The template is selected for all programs. In some cases you may need a special one. So also the name of the template is saved in the database. As an extra option the program can also make an index page. This page uses another template and it contains the links to all the other pages.

All my Delphi Program Pages are made with this program. However, you have still to type all of the text and to convert screen prints to good format pictures. All application pages get the "APP" number from the database. This one has APP0014. The ".html" extension is added to complete the filename.

Application Note Generator, main screen

Main screen

Under the field with APP0014 you will see four more fields with "NProgramN" etc. If this field contains "YProgramY" then this means that during the conversion the program will look for a file with the name This file must contain the zipped program.

For the source code the name is At the bottom of each page is a place for four pictures that are in fact the download buttons for the zip files. The type of picture is chosen automatically and the ALT tag will be filled with the size of the zip file.

The program is made in Delphi 4 and it uses the BDE. In addition to the BDE it uses also the TGIFImage from Anders Melander. It can be found here

(sorry, this link does not work anymore)

At this moment the help files are not available, but that is only a case of time. If you want them, please let me know. In principle I will make only the source code available for download.

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PID: 2014 CLT: 0.002 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09